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Unfair Competition Litigation

We offer a skilled, multidisciplinary team of attorneys armed with a deep understanding of unfair competition laws and the practical know-how to thoroughly and efficiently address any issues that arise in defending, prosecuting and resolving unfair competition claims. Our team works with clients from every industry, in venues across the county, on claims related to employees at all levels, including sales, administrative, executive and management personnel.

We routinely handle some of the largest, most complex unfair competition cases involving everything from intellectual property, licensing and pricing issues to joint ventures, marketing and distribution practices. Furthermore, recognizing the document-intensive nature of unfair competition litigation, we employ cutting-edge document management systems that allow us to aggressively pursue discovery materials and manage the high throughput in a strategic, cost-effective manner.

Whether advising on initial planning and litigation avoidance or handling emergency injunctions and trials on the merits, we have the resources and a critical mass of experienced litigators to defend or prosecute a case correctly. Our goal — first and last — is to minimize the cost and encumbrance to our clients while arming them with the flexibility needed to realize their strategic goals.

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