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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the Vaccine Mandate

Manufacturing Industry Team Leader Mekesha Montgomery sets forth, plainly and in practical terms, the key provisions of OSHA’s vaccine-or-test mandate, from its vaccine verification requirements and testing for unvaccinated employees, to exemptions under the Americans with Disabilities Act, to some of the hefty fines associated with an employer’s failure to comply. Watch this short video for insight into common questions about the vaccine mandate.

This video was created for general informational purposes only as of the time of its creation and does not constitute legal advice, the formation of an attorney client relationship, or a solicitation to provide legal services.

Questions Covered

  1. What’s up with the mandate?
  2. Who does the mandate apply to?
  3. How do I count my employees?
  4. What are the requirements?
  5. Who pays for the vaccination?
  6. What happens if an employee gets sick from the vaccine?
  7. Are there any exemptions?
  8. What proof do you have to provide?
  9. What if I choose to test instead of the vaccine?
  10. What if I don’t comply?

Mekesha Montgomery has successfully represented companies defending against class and collective actions alleging employment discrimination and wage and hour violations, including class actions under the FMLA, collective actions under the FLSA and EEOC-initiated class actions. She also has significant experience dealing with issues arising from covenants not to compete and with ERISA and employee benefits litigation.