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Over the past year, hemp products have been springing up everywhere, both online and in retail outlets. Of particular interest to those who market consumer products are foods, supplements and cosmetics with cannabidiol, or CBD, in them. Many assert that such products are all now legal. But is that really true? There remains some uncertainty surrounding food products and supplements containing CBD, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and must still meet its regulatory requirements.

In this webinar, Frost Brown Todd attorneys Steve Ellcessor and Kimera Hall provide in-depth guidance on the FDA’s current position relative to CBD products. They also discuss how, through proper labeling, makers and sellers of foods and supplements with CBD can significantly minimize their exposure to enforcement action, either at the state or federal levels.

This video was created for general informational purposes only as of the time of its creation and does not constitute legal advice, the formation of an attorney client relationship, or a solicitation to provide legal services.

Note: This webinar is part of a monthly series in which Frost Brown Todd attorneys focus on hemp-related topics and trends through the lens of various legal disciplines, from general regulatory to intellectual property, banking, and advertising law. For updates, visit