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Health Care Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys routinely intervene on behalf of health care providers confronted with civil lawsuits, audits, criminal investigations and other enforcement actions. We also handle the full spectrum of employment, intellectual property and commercial contracting claims. Our tactical approach and understanding, through experience, of the specialized issues at play in complex health care disputes empower us to efficiently advocate our clients’ position in any forum. Through well-executed litigation management strategies, we help clients minimize their trial exposure where possible and prevail at trial when necessary.

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Cincinnati, OH

Areas of Focus

False Claims Act Litigation

We draw on a long, accomplished track record litigating federal False Claims Act (FCA) cases and other civil matters involving assertions of hospital or physician misconduct. Our experience in this complex area of the law and facility handling expert witnesses are instrumental to the defense of clients facing alleged liability for knowingly presenting false or otherwise deficient reimbursement claims, as well as allegations that services were medically unnecessary or substandard. We also defend hospitals and other providers in cases involving alleged non-compliance with Medicare anti-kickback and self-referral rules.

Medical Staff Disputes

We have represented hospitals and their medical staffs in numerous disciplinary actions involving physicians who have provided deficient patient care or whose conduct in dealing with patients, their families, other staff or administrators warranted disciplinary action. We handle such disputes at every level, including initial investigations, medical executive committee meetings, internal administrative proceedings, governing board review and, where it cannot be avoided, litigation in the state and federal courts. Our team is familiar with National Practitioner Data Bank reporting requirements, as well as Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) standards, and we can help clients structure settlements to minimize costs, maintain compliance and secure the immunities available under such legislation.

Hospital & Physician Misconduct

Our attorneys represent health care providers of all sizes in malpractice and insurance-related proceedings, including several of the largest hospitals and physician groups in the firm’s footprint. We handle such disputes at every level, including initial investigations, medical executive committee meetings, internal administrative proceedings, governing board review and, where it cannot be avoided, litigation in the state and federal courts. We draw on our extensive trial experience and firsthand knowledge of how state and federal regulators operate, working aggressively to resolve professional liability disputes on terms favorable to our clients.

State/Federal Audits & Investigations

Hospitals and other health care providers face continuing scrutiny from agencies operating under the authority of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and U.S. Department of Justice. With former U.S. attorneys and enforcement personnel on our team, we don’t just offer theoretical advice to clients facing criminal and quasi-criminal investigations; we instead offer practical solutions rooted in direct knowledge of how these regulatory agencies operate. We act as powerful allies to health care providers, assisting with internal or external investigations and compliance audits while also vigorously defending them in related civil, criminal and agency proceedings.

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