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Our team includes attorneys with computer science degrees who worked as programmers, system designers and IT professionals before they were lawyers. This combination of legal skill and tremendous technical know-how and experience gives us an undeniable advantage over our competition. We advise a number of software and platform developers throughout the course of the project lifecycle, from the inception and development of the platform to its commercialization.

Routine work for us includes negotiating and drafting licenses for software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) developers, negotiating R&D agreements and transactions involving the cross-border transfer of data, and preparing traditional IP licenses (e.g., rights to develop/use software covered by a patent). We also have notable depth assisting clients with Enterprise Resource Planning agreements and deliverables, as well as open-source software and the legal implications surrounding its development and use.

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William S. Morriss


Cincinnati, OH

Software & Platforms Experience

  • Drafted and negotiated three-way supply agreement with major international LED Chip-on-Board manufacturer and international distributor allowing direct purchase by Tier 1 suppliers as well as by client and client affiliates.
  • Drafted and negotiated Tier 1, Tier 2 and manufacturer supply agreements for IoT products with suppliers in China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mexico, including for OEM, ODM, private label and off-the-shelf products, and including NRE services provisions and other IP protections in consultation with local counsel.
  • Negotiated and advised clients, from start-ups to national and international companies, on a wide variety of software and technology contracts, including SaaS, VAR, EULA, vendor, supplier, and technology transfer.
  • Drafted and negotiated a wide variety of agreements for U.S.-based public Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) company with international offices and worldwide sales, including SaaS, value-added reseller (VAR), end-user license agreement (EULA), professional services, and support agreements.
  • Drafted and negotiated master customer agreements for scores of software providers offering comprehensive, modular business software solutions, including stand-alone software and SaaS products, consulting and services agreements, maintenance and support packages, data security agreements (business continuity, disaster response and data breach), data privacy agreements, service level agreements and related documentation.
  • Developed contract structure and prepared form agreements for established national commercial products company launching its first line of IoT products, including distributor agreements, customer subscription agreements, end-user agreements, beta agreements, warranties and other terms. Company’s novel approach to subscription fees, its complicated distributor, commercial installer, commercial customer, and end-user arrangements, combined with the need to accommodate existing warranty and sales terms, required careful consideration and tailoring of agreements and of contracting process using a combination of click-wrap and shrink-wrap agreements.


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