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Our government services team provides comprehensive support to a wide variety of clients, ranging from school districts and universities to townships, state agencies and community improvement corporations. With a tailored, outcome-focused approach, we help public sector clients quickly and creatively resolve complex issues and implement disciplined solutions to drive economic growth and strengthen their communities. Check out examples of our work below to get a sense of who we are and what we’re capable of.

Economic & Community Development

Liberty Township, Ohio

Butler County and Liberty Township sought to partake in a large economic development project on approximately 65 acres of real property located in Liberty Township, Butler County, Ohio. Team members at Frost Brown Todd assisted these local governments in their development of this mixed-use commercial project known today as the Liberty Center. Making Butler County and Liberty Township more competitive with other political subdivisions, this economic development project brought more than $300 million in private investment, an estimated 3,200 jobs during the construction phase, and an estimated 4,500 permanent jobs for the area.

Dublin, Ohio

Bridge Street District: The City of Dublin sought to develop the Bridge Street District as a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that contained office, residential and retail features. This project is Dublin’s commitment to the future and it is an entertainment, dining, retail and office destination with riverfront parks and appealing housing choices. Team members at Frost Brown Todd have been able to assist the City with this ever-developing project by advising on all legal matters along the way. Many features of this overall project have been completed, but the project development continues to grow.

Riverside Crossing Park: Dublin, Ohio: The City of Dublin sought to create a large space for the community highlighting natural features and encompassing both sides of the Scioto River – the Riverside Crossing Park. The East Plaza of the Park was envisioned as a venue for public events including features such as a greenspace and an interactive bouldering play area. The West Plaza was envisioned as a location to display the riverside and to make connections to the water and pedestrian trails. The Frost Brown Todd team has assisted throughout this large project by advising on all necessary real estate acquisitions and construction documents.

Pedestrian Bridge: As part of their larger plan for the Riverside Crossing Park, the City of Dublin sought to build a pedestrian bridge across the Scioto River which would connect two budding areas of the City. The project faced several challenges along the way, but team members at Frost Brown Todd were able to assist the City with addressing all legal matters, and construction of the bridge was completed in 2020.

Johnstown, Ohio

Team members at Frost Brown Todd were recently able to assist the City of Johnstown with bringing a substantial economic development project to the City. The project will generate approximately 50 new jobs for the community. These new jobs will create a substantial amount of additional income for the City because of their tax contributions.

Labor & Employment

Dayton, Ohio

COVID-19 policies: The City of Dayton, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, adopted an emergency order mandating face coverings in certain places and weekly COVID-19 testing of employees if not vaccinated. As a result, the union filed unfair labor practice charges against the City. Team members at Frost Brown Todd successfully defended the City of Dayton against these charges confirming that employers are under no obligation to bargain with unions before the implementation of similar COVID-19 policies.

Labor Relations: When Dayton Public Schools was faced with “sick out” by certain bus drivers under its employ, team members of Frost Brown Todd immediately obtained a court order declaring the work stoppage illegal and soon after prevailed in an emergency hearing before the State Employment Relations Board.

Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning

Liberty Township, Ohio

Liberty Township, recognizing the need to properly plan for the new development and redevelopment in the Township, implemented a temporary moratorium on new development and redevelopment to effectively implement a new zoning district. When the moratorium was challenged, the team at Frost Brown Todd successfully defended the Township against an injunction to stop the application of the temporary development moratorium, making Liberty Township the first statutory township to successfully implement a development moratorium.

The City of the Village of Indian Hill, Ohio

The City of the Village of Indian Hill owned hundreds of acres of land outside of its corporate limits. The team at Frost Brown Todd worked with the City to navigate the annexation process for these properties. Frost Brown Todd team members took actions ranging from drafting the annexation petitions and ordinances authorizing annexation to representation of the City at the Board of County Commissioners hearing on the annexation petition.

Dublin, Ohio

Early in 2021, the City of Dublin sought to make certain roadway improvements, part of which involved the construction of a new road – University Boulevard. To move forward with this project, the City needed to acquire road rights-of-way and easements for the construction. Team members at Frost Brown Todd were able to assist the City in acquiring those rights so that the project could continue. As of December of 2021, the project was in full-swing with an expected completion date of January 2023.

Worthington, Ohio

The City of Worthington partnered with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the Ohio Department of Transportation to improve congestion in the “Northeast Gateway” for the City, which includes the intersection of three major roadways. As part of that project, the City needed to acquire road rights-of-way and easements to construct a new roadway. Members of the Government Services practice group at Frost Brown Todd were able to acquire those rights for the City so that the project could move forward. Construction is expected to be completed in the fall of 2022.

Eminent Domain

State of Ohio

Retained to serve as special counsel to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (“ODNR”), team members at Frost Brown Todd successfully represented the State in over 50 eminent domain actions involving the alleged flooding of farmlands. The litigation originated from the modification of a spillway on the western border of Grand Lake St. Mary’s. After unsuccessful settlement negotiations and an appropriation trial, Frost Brown Todd was retained as special counsel. Taking lead on the continuing litigation, the team at Frost Brown Todd successfully navigated ODNR through the litigation and led ODNR to successful negotiations.

Code Enforcement & Nuisance Abatement

Grove City, Ohio

The Frost Brown Todd team has worked with the City of Grove City to obtain court orders for demolition or clean-up of nuisance properties. For example, the team members at Frost Brown Todd were able to obtain injunctive relief for the City to shut down operations of a hotel that had become a public safety hazard due to frequent criminal activity. The closure of the hotel eliminated the public safety threats it had posed, and now the structure has been demolished and the property is situated for redevelopment. The Frost Brown Todd team has also guided Grove City through civil enforcement of nuisance regulations at several residential properties, improving the health, safety, and appearance of affected neighborhoods.

Dublin, Ohio

Frost Brown Todd has represented the City of Dublin in numerous code enforcement actions to preserve public safety and property values. These have included obtaining injunctions authorizing demolitions and clean-up of properties that have become hazards due to neglect or damage, as well as regular assistance in enforcement of zoning regulations.